Do you edit the images? How many do you edit? 

All images are edited and colour corrected provided on a USB set. The images are always provided in original quality and non-watermarked.

What is your turnaround time? 

8 Weeks from your wedding day.

How far in advance should we book a wedding photographer? 

We get booked anywhere from 18 to 2 months before the wedding day. If there is a photographer or any other wedding vendor that you really like we recommend to book early, as they might be not be available later.

How can I book you for my wedding? 

Throw us an email or give us a call 647-709-8781 and we will get you started with the process!

Do you need a second photographer? 

A second photography for your wedding will add another angle to your wedding day, capturing more candid moments. It is recommend to have a second shooter if you reception is larger than 600 people.

What type of gear do I use? 

We use canon 5d Mark iii as our primary bodies, along with Canon L series lenses.

What happens if we go over the agreed amount of hours? Are you available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do you charge for the extra hours? 

You can always ask us to stay longer! Overtime rate is dependant on the type of event.

Is there a limit on how many images you take? 

Unlimited images captured on your wedding day.

How many images can i expect for my wedding? 

It varies based on how many events we will be covering. You can expect a range of 1500-2000 images just from your wedding and reception.

Where are you located ? Do you guys travel? 

We are Toronto based wedding photographers. And yes we travel worldwide for photography.

Can you cover multiple events at the same time? 

Yes we can! we have a team of experienced shooters to cover all your wedding events.

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